Bada Display Affection For Suho And Attends EXO’s Concert

Bada Display Affection For Suho And Attends EXO’s Concert

Bada Display Affection For Suho And Attends EXOs Concertkminjungee July 29, 2016 0 Bada Show Affection For Suho And Attends EXOs Concert Singer Bada is a loving senior and presentations off her loyalty to EXOs Suho!

On July 30, a source from Badas firmThe sea Entertainment printed that the singer attended the July 29 concert of EXOs 3rd concert series, The EXOrDIUM, so as to give a spice up to her junior, Suho.

It turns out that Suho invited her himself, as they are buddies in genuine life. The 2 singers also prior to nowseemed on Duet Song Festival at the similar time.

Bada reportedly went to the concert with Lee Jung Hyun, and punctiliously enjoyed herself whilstmaking a song along to the more youthful idol teams songs. She also supposedly followed their dances while shaking her very own EXO lightstick.

A photo posted by way of SES bAdA (@bada0228) on Jul 29, 2016 at 9:25am PDT

Notably, as a first generation ladystaff member, Bada says, It was heart-fluttering and great to be a a section of the target market at the Gymnastics Arena of Olympic Park Stadium, where S.E.S. held a concert in the past. Before the concert, the singer also discussed that she was oncedressed in a pink dress, signifying her former groups professional color, and would proudly attend the concert as a representative for all of S.E.S.

Its at all timeseffectiveto look such supportive senior-junior relationships!

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