These five K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Being Large Clumsy And Having “Minus Hands”

These five K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Being Large Clumsy And Having “Minus Hands”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEver had that one favoritesuperstar who turns out to be clumsy at everything? Netizens have indexed down the idol staffcontributors known for their clumsiness, which may be known as, “minus hands.” 

A post on Daum Cafe received attention for record down the head five idols known for their “minus hands,” another way explained as consistent clumsiness all the manner through their pronounces or performances.

On best of the list was Great Junior’s Donghae who was oncenoticedfiddling with their gentle sticks at their concert, yetin the end breaking two. He also is allegedly known to have damaged a fellow member’s pc and is incessantly captured by way ofenthusiasts in failing to drinking water from a bottle.

Second at the list is SHINee’s Taemin who is understood for his “magic hands” and forgetfulness. In the photo featured in the post, he changed intovisible lightly tapping the table ahead of IT slid down on him and the remainder of the members. Is it more of clumsiness or sheer misfortune?

BTS’ RapMonster is also no longer new to this occurrence having been called as “Destroyer Monster” by his fans.

Leading the list amongfeminineladycommunity members, however, is Apink’s Naeun who is popular for her notedcorrect hand. This implies that her fellow members have a tendency to keep away fromrisk if they pass her on her right. The photo integrated in this post proves it.

Last but now not least is TWICE’s Sana, known of her nickname “Sadotteol,” as she has a tendency to drop things slightly often.

Have you discovered any equivalent incidences on your favourite idol?

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