Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 12

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 12

The kidnapper is in spite of everythingprinted in episode twelve of "Wanted", yet this handiest complicates the situation. There could also bethe chance of an partnerin the police and the investigation still does now not acceptall of thebeyond culprits. The presentventure is met with fantastic resistance as SG Team starts to interfere with the display and put largedrive on its team. With the show's long run and Hyeon-woo's protection now uncertain, time is running out for the "Wanted" team.

In Mi-ok (Kim Seon-yeong-III) we trust, for the explanation thatwoman has finishedso much for this investigation, adding being appropriate close to her non-public suspicions for the kidnapper's identity. Joon-goo (Lee Moon-sik) has been a chance from the get go, because his dating amongst Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) made him one of the vital first folks she would request lend a hand from. He used to be likewisethe consumer whoadvised Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong). This makes me inquisitive about the obviouslynon-public relationship between those3 people.

AdvertisementHowever, I don't feel Joon-goo is the final piece of his own puzzle. We still don'tunderstand how he controlledto obtaininside ofknowledge about Sang-sik's (Seo Hyeon-cheol) case and frame placement. Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) discussed that only contributors of the investigation will have known. This suggests that there may just even so be an confederate nosotrosdon't know of within the force, keeping up my suspicion of Yeong-gwan (Sin Jae-ha). I do hope here is addressed by ability of the end.

The mission to make Choi Pil-gyoo (Baek Seung-hyeon) pay has been completed, but we know that he isn't the just one to had beengoing through Jo Nam-cheol (Park Sang-wuk). This indicates that Ha Dong-min's (Son Jong-hak) contact, who seems to be a prosecutor, could be Choi's accomplice and most likelythe secretindividual that can exposethe entire thing about SG Group's wrongdoings. I still have the nagging suspicion that he mightif fact exist told be Joon-goo's secret partner, but possiblyI'm overthinking this.

Things are about to get badand i'mjust a littleconfused by the investigative team's loss ofsecurity precautions. They overtlyspeak about the case at UCN's premises and Seung-in even brings in the maximum important evidence supplied by Lee Yong-hwan (Choi Deok-moon) to wherethese days function by the very group they are running against. Seeing the police and the production cooperating is nice, but some secrecy would assistance here.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, there's no telling what Joon-goo will do. I do not think he would harm Hyeon-woo (Park Min-soo), but if the lady Jin-woong (Lee Seung-joon) interviewed is his circle of relatives and Hyeon-woo's present captor, he might grow to be agitated. SG Group's grip at the investigation will also tighten. Hye-in and Seung-in will wantthe completeaidthey may also be ready to go to kind this large mess out.

"Wanted" is directed by Park Yong-soon, written by Han Ji-wan-I and features Kim Ah-joongJi Hyeon-wooEom Tae-woong and Park Hae-joon.