Jung Hyung Don Officially Leaves “Infinite Challenge”

Jung Hyung Don Officially Leaves “Infinite Challenge”

Jung Hyung Don Officially Leaves CountlessProblem kokoberry July 29, 2016 0 Jung Hyung Don Officially Leaves Infinite Challenge On July 29, FNC Entertainment released an authenticcommentaryreferring to Jung Hyung Don leaving typedisplay space Challenge.

His firm said, We are informing you about news concerning Jung Hyung Don who is recently taking a wreck from broadcast activities because offitness reasons. Jung Hyung Don has made the toughresolution of leaving MBCs Infinite Venture of which he used to be a fastenedsolid member.

They continued, Jung Hyung Don has at all times been thankful and has a sorry middle toward the many of us who had been unchanging thru waiting and sending support. However, his health isn'tcomplete recovered to the point he can go back to Infinite Challenge and paintings normally.

The scenariobecomeextra explained via revealing that Jung Hyung Don had recently met with the manufacturers of the diversityproveregarding his return to the show. Unfortunately, Jung Hyung Don was no longerself-assured some returning and worried that it willmotive him more mental pain.

Having been with the show from the start for around 10 years, it should have been a troublesome decision.

We wish him the maximum productive and hope for a full recovery.

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