Spoiler 'Uncontrollably Fond' Kim Woo-bin vs Im Joo-hwan in war of nerves over Suzy

Spoiler 'Uncontrollably Fond' Kim Woo-bin vs Im Joo-hwan in war of nerves over Suzy

On the Thursday episode this week of KBS 2TV's Wednesday Thursday drama, "Uncontrollably Fond", the hearts of either Sin Joon-yeong (Kim Woo-bin) and Choi Ji-Tae (Im Joo-hwan) against No-eul (Suzy) simplest grew bigger.

Since Sin Joon-yeong made a confession of his love to No-eul, she have beenwantingtough to forget about it. She made it transparent that the affection between Sin Joon-yeong and her would never come to fruition. And also a dating rumor about Sin Joon-yeong and the actress Kim Yoo-na (Lee Elijah) had been reported, which was oncenow notuseful for the placement at all.

Choi Ji-Tae also changed into circling around No-eul whilst hiding his identity. He disguised himself and went to No-eul's area when he heard she was sick. He encountered Sin Joon-yeong who was waiting in front of her house. The 2 went into No-eul's apartment and had an intense silent confrontation.

No-eul may not take the scene any further so she went out of her dwelling leaving the two behind. Sin Joon-yeong have become suspicious of Choi Ji-Tae's identity. He stated information technologydid not make sense that Choi Ji-tae was dressed in a luxury watch with an inexpensive jacket.

Choi Ji-Tae rebutted, "When a guy loves a woman, it is notin accordance withwhetheryou would possibly be qualified for the love. Just love her. You and me both unqualified took placeto like same lady unfortunately and here is tragic". And then Choi Ji-tae temporarily left the house.