Contrasting between

Contrasting between "The 2nd Final Love" Kim Hee-ae, "Wanted" Eom Tae-woong, and "Uncontrollably Fond" Suzy

- "The 2dClosing Love" Kim Hee-ae, a girl-crush director

In the SBS drama "Mrs. Cop", she used to be a charismatic detective; however, this time, she returns as a program director.

"The Moment Last Love" is the tale of a public employee who hopes not anything special occurs in his existence and a program director who needsanything special to happen.

Kim Hee-ae takes at the office of Kang Min-joo. No longermost effective is she unmarriedand wonderfulsufficient to be an actress, she's also talented and bold. She falls into the trail of romance with Ji Jin-hee.

- "Wanted" Eom Tae-woong the director

Eom Tae-woong's air of mysteryfinds itself in the recent SBS drama "Wanted". He is taking on the role of Sin Dong-wook who directs the televisiondisplay "Jeong Hye-in's Wanted".

Eom Tae-woong Is an inhumane personality who would do the rest for percentage and his career. He sends out genuineimages of dead bodies and only looks forward without concerned about the consequences. He makes folks uncomfortable sometimes, yetit is his obsession with stimulating scenes on his show.

Eom Tae-woong brings out the dimensional character in Sin Dong-wook and synchronizes with him.

- "Uncontrollably Fond" Suzy, blameless no more

Suzy put down her trademark of being harmless and becomes a documentary producer. She plays the role of Noh Eul, a character who would do anything for money.

"Uncontrollably Fond" is the tale of the reunion between two topcollege sweethearts of which the boy becomesan excellentsuperstar and the woman turns into a depressing documentary director.

Noh Eul used to be a nosy character but two injuriesreplaced her and her life completely. She looks into the corruption of main head corporations and she uses them as their weaknesses to rip them off of money.

According to sources, those 'broadcasting' dramas have transform popular once back and it must existamusing to contrast Kim Hee-ae, Eom Tae-woong and Suzy at once.