Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 7

Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 7

Episode 7 of"Uncontrollably Fond"explored the romantic relationships in the drama: No Eul and Joon-yeong, Assemblyman Choi and his love for Joon-yeong's mother, Ji-tae and Jeong-eun. The malicious taleparts like cancer, paparazzi, and meddling families were all present, yet they took a back seat to dating development.

Woo-bin presentations off his male magnetism in this episode as his persona struggles to conceal his love from No Eul. He'san impressive romantic lead, and similarly equallytough in the smaller moments: Joon-yeong's cancer pains; the telephone interactions with his mother. Suzy may beno longerpart bad. She is consistently a surprise. She we could herself be suffering from Woo-bin's energy.

AdvertisementIm Joo-hwanis the unlucky actor with a wood character as isLim Joo-eun. Either actors are able towonderful nuance, but both Ji-tae and Jeong-eun are utterly vanilla characters incapable of taking much nuance. Their roles feel thoroughly utilitarian and secondary to the major couple. The crackling romantic and sexual chemistry of Woo-bin and Suzy absolutely flattens the mediocre scenes between Joo-hwan and Joo-eun.

As for the parents, Assemblyman Choi turns out to have had (or continues to have) authenticemotions for Joon-yeong's mother. Too bad he is still married and his wife knows about it. This would possibly occasionallyundoubtedly exista significant point of contention and some extent from which brambles of plot will grow and drag in Joon-yeong's mother, Joon-yeong, and each personattached to him.

The first main kiss has happened, and then I be expecting some cute, and then some angst. We aregetting ready to release into the 2nd one1/2 of the drama, and becauseit is a melo, and Joon-yeong has cancer, I look ahead to audiences desiring tissues soon. Numerous them.