Park Shin-hye thank you

Park Shin-hye thank you "You're Beautiful" Soo-eun and Geu-rin for present

Actress Park Shin-hye expressed her gratitude for Bae Geu-rin and Choi Soo-eun.

She posted an image on her Instagram saying, "They sent me just the items because they did notwould like to interfere with my work. Let's pass on a shuttle after this!"

Park Shin-hye is maintaining up a cake with a doll on best of it and a box of macaroons in any other picture.

The two who sent gives to Park Shin-hye met her during the 2009 drama "You're Beautiful". They commented on Park Shin-hye's picture; Thank goodness you favor it".

Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye is starring in the SBS drama "Doctors" as Yoo Hye-jeong.