CLC Gains Momentum In Eastern Market

CLC Gains Momentum In Eastern Market

CLC Gains Momentum In JapMarketplace notclaira July 27, 2016 0 CLC Gains Momentum In Japanese Market Despite the reality thatDice Entertainments newestwoman group, CLC, simplestlately made their Japanese debut, theyve already secured a position in the competitive industry.

As of July 27, CLCs 2nd Japanese mini-album, Chamisma, ranked No. nineat the Japanese Oricon Chart. The ladies made their Japanese debut in April, which means their impressive chart functionalitycame aboutin barelya couple of months.

Chamisma also ranked No. 1 on the Day-to-day Tower Records chart in Shibuya and No. four on the whole Tower Records chart. Their first Japanese mini-album, Top Heels, ranked as high as No. 16 when it was once released in April.

Although CLC does now notinvolve any Japanese members, they'veadvertised themselves as a world girl workforcebecause of the inclusion of Thai member Sorn and Hong Kong member Elkie. CLC is scheduled to hold multiple fan signings in Japan for the following few months to advertise their album.

CLC made their Korean debut in 2015 with Pepe and in 2016 added two new members, Elkie and Kwon Eunbin, to its lineup.

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