Watch: GFRIEND, TWICE, GOT7, BTOB Participants Compete To Capture Kim Heechuls Heart

Watch: GFRIEND, TWICE, GOT7, BTOB Participants Compete To Capture Kim Heechuls Heart

Watch: GFRIEND, TWICE, GOT7, BTOB Individuals Compete To Capture Kim Heechul’s Middle boxclub July 27, 2016 0 Watch: GFRIEND, TWICE, GOT7, BTOB Members Compete To Capture Kim Heechul’s Heart Kim Heechul discovered himself as somewhat the fortunate guy as 4 idol stars engaged in a friendly pageant to capture his heart.

On the July 27 episode of MBC every1s Weekly Idol, in commemoration of the presentations5th anniversary, it invited four of the freshest idol teams out today, with GOT7, TWICE, BTOB, and GFRIEND as the visitors for the special episode.

One of the corners on the display is One Opposed to 27, in which the groups compete against every other in quite so much of challenges, akin to doing their choreography at double speed and attractive in an unpleasant dance battle.

Another difficulty is to carry Kim Heechuls heart rate, a mission that used to beup to nowexecutedthrough Dahyun of TWICE. The competition are GFRIENDs Eunha, TWICEs Momo, GOT7s Mark, and BTOBs Minhyuk.

As Eunha cutely dances in front of him as a rabbit, Kim Heechul seems shy and his heart beat races to 120. When Momo appears in front of him, his heart beat rises immediately. As she cutely imitates a Jappersona named Nico Nico Ni, his face blushes bright red as his heart rate is going to 136.

Kim Heechul gets anxious for his next competitor, GOT7s Mark. Mark hides his face in his jacket and peeks out at Kim Heechul, whose heart rate rises up in shortyet falls to 117.

Lastly, BTOBs Minhyuk proves to be a worthy competitor for Kim Heechuls heart, as he quietly comes up and has him feel his own heart rate. He even provides him a back hug, which temporarily raises Kim Heechuls heart rate but in the long runisn'tin a positionto overcome the 136 that changed intocompleted by TWICEs Momo.

Watch the contest below!

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