7 Dramas That Turn out Love Transcends Time and Space

7 Dramas That Turn out Love Transcends Time and Space

7 Dramas That Turn out dearest Transcends Time and Area 10twentyeight July 27, 2016 0 7 Dramas That Prove Love Transcends Time and Space Dependent on who you ask, the thought about traveling via time-space will also be exciting

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But while you're a drama fan, chances are your concept of time-space commute is a a laugh and romantic one. Its now nottrickyto peer why. As smartly asproviding much comedian relief, time-space travel in drama-land guarantees that wrongs are made right. And of course, characters nearlyat all timesto find love when they travel viabug holes or jump through magical objects, but its somewhat a issuekeeping up a long-distance-time relationship. Heres a glance back at a couple of time-space travel reports that prove love knows no time or spatial bounds!

Lee Min Ho plays a Goryeo warrior who travels through time and finally ends up in modern day Seoul. In his look for a miracle doctor, he meets an aspiring Gangnam plastic surgeon (Kim Hee Sun) and forces her to apply him back to Goryeo. Admist palace intrigue, death plots, and during 700 years of time, two very otherother peoplelocate out what it approach to in realityare living and to love.

In in the search for out the realityat the back of his crown princess murder, a Joseon prince (Park Yoo Chun) is transported in time with his 3 guards onto a rooftop inhabited by Park Ha (Han Ji Min) in trendy Seoul. What ensues is nearlynatural comedy a minimum oftill they find themselves entwined in what looks as if a repeat of the Joseon mystery. 

The King of The day ahead of today and The next dayKing-of-yesterday-and-tomorrow

This TVB vintage saw the Yongzheng Emperor (Kwong Wa) being stuck in a sea coincidence alongside his longtime enemy Lu Si Niang (Maggie Cheung Ho Yee) which sends either one of them several generations into the future. They finally finish upone by one in up to date Hong Kong, where he impresses with his skill to gain employment, whilst she spends foods on most sensible of bus stops.

A vehicle accident throws Zhang Xiao (Liu Shi Shi) from glossy Shenzhen to the 18th century Beijing, where she is the teenage daughter of a Manchu general. She is soon made to pass into the palace, where she befriends several princes and falls in love with some of them. 

In this thriller, a mom (Lee Bo Young) is given just 14 days as she is thrown back to the time before her daughter is abducted and murdered. It's miles one hell of an intense fortnight as she races opposed to the clock to save her daughter.

Tracy Chu plays a feisty police officer who unearthsthe power to travel through time time and again over three days. What is in truth three days then feels like every weeks to her, to boot equally to several others who are later published to had been making the similar journey.

Featuring exchange universe/ cross-dimensional travel, W promises to be a fascinating twist at thestandard time travel drama. The brainchild of author Song Jae Jung (who wrote popular time travel dramas Nine and Queen In Hyuns Man), W currently premiered on July 20 and stars Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. 

What other time/space travel dramas have you watched? Tell me in the comments below!

10twentyeight grew up looking at dramas and has been blogging about them for the beyond six years. She is ecstatic to have discoveredsome way to proportion her love for them while looking forward to her K-pop biases to be discharged from army duty. She maximum recently enjoyed “Oh Hae Young Again” and is praying not easy she won’t must wait any other two years for Eric Mun’s next drama.

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