Is INFINITE’s Sunggyu a “bullied” idol

Is INFINITE’s Sunggyu a “bullied” idol

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The post captured hobby as it featured Sunggyu being described as the “representative of bullied idol” as footage of him being on my own without the remainder of his crew were posted. The photographswhich have been taken from the new sports athletics captured Sunggyu in a somber mode, sitting down the alone, whilstanything else of the participants noticed the activities.

Netizens, however, that the name for the singer and actor can also beopposite and would possiblyappear that Sunggyu’s the only bullying the relaxation of them.

Sunggyu is one of the vitalmajor vocalist and leader of Limitless and made his debut with the gang back in 2010. With the exception ofcommunity and solo activities, he has also controlled to enlarge his professionviaacting in musical productions and entertainment programs.

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