Ji Chang-wook to megastar in tvN

Ji Chang-wook to megastar in tvN "K2"

Ji Chang-wook is starring in the recent tvN drama "K2".

Glorious Entertainment announced this realityat the 27th.

"K2" is an action drama about a mercenary soldier named K2, the wife of a presidential candidate who hired him and a twenty-year-old girl.

Ji Chang-wook takes on the role of the mercenary Kim Je-ha at JSS Special Forces. He's a mythical agent yeta definite incident left him a fugitive.

Ji Chang-wook said, "Kim Je-ha is a chilly and cynical persona but he ishorny in other ways. I'm also fascinated by his dating with the opposite characters in the drama".

Ji Chang-wook final starred in the drama "Healer" 2 years ago. He is these days in the musical called "Those Days" and soon after that he's going toget started making "K2".