Interview "Train to Busan" Jeong Yu-mi, "Our film must be watched in more than a few angles"

Jeong Yu-mi from dramas and videos "Discovery of Romance", "Our Sunhi" and "The Himalayas", starred in the film "Train to Busan" as Seong-kyeong.

An interview was once held with the actress currently and she spoke about "Train to Busan" with a lovely smile.

- The trouble to turn out to be 'warm' Seong-kyeong

"Train to Busan" is a Korean zombie motion picture close toother folks on a KTX train to Busan suffering to live to inform the tale from a swarm of zombies. Jeong Yu-mi's role of Seong-kyeong is a pregnant woman, and despite the reality that she could notnotice the brain of a pregnant woman, she conceptdemanding and created the Seong-kyeong that is in the movie today.

"Seong-kyeong is in truth very considerate. I would not existin a position to do what she did if that turned intogenuine life. I might either be dead or give way running. I couldn't perceive her 100% yetit is my activity to materialize her emotions and so I acted it out. My persona was a courageous one so I presumed difficult about it. I felt a feeling of fulfillmentafter I did what I did in the quick fourth dimension ane had. Despite the fact that I used to be in an overly limited quantity of space, it was simple to set free my emotions".

"I wasn't scared but more excited for this movie. I'mamong other actors. I discovereda huge number of things via this movie and I am grateful. We filmed many of the movie on a suite and I had to make it work. When anything that I worked on turns out right, I believe hence good".

It will have tono longerwerea very easy movie but she said, "It wasn't tough at all. There are individuals running with their hands in a peculiarperspectiveand a few are running with their mouths open, I will not say running in a pregnant dress was hard. I chose this movie to do that. Of us intend the movie was troublesome to make but it actually wasn't because we enjoyed what we did".

In regards to Ma Dong-seok who was her husband Sang-hwa in the movie, she said, "We had synergy. Ma Dong-seok is greater than me so naturally, I felt like he was protective me. I gainedvariouslend a hand from him. We gave the impressionherbal on TV. Without him, I do now not need reacted that way and it should acceptlooked boring".

Jeong Yu-mi acknowledged she have become curious whilst filming the movie. "I was never interested by zombie films and I never enjoyed looking at them. But I became excited by other zombie movies and I sought after to be zombie myself. I believeI'm going to still be scared if I watched other zombie movies".

- The will to do a zombie movie was strong

"Train to Busan" deals with the topic of zombies and it was a unstable attempt. However, Jeong Yu-mi did not recollect so.

"I wasn't afraid at all. I felt that the mattermight be materialized more as it was a advertisement movie. When I first were given the situation for "Train to Busan", I did not suspect or feel force about anything. It was a laugh and I was curious. If I wasn't certain about the movie I would've asked the director more about it but it didn't take me long to make a decision that I wished to do it".

About operating amongst director Yeon Sang-ho, she said, "I had amplereligion in him to just apply him via and rely on him. I didn't know much about his beyond works and I just thought "Train to Busan" seemed fun. I also did not want my perspectives about the director convertingon account of what he might've done or did in the past. It became out that we thought alike".

"Train to Busan" has a social message but it also has enough visually and with regards to entertainment. Jeong Yu-mi just hopes humans volition watch it from more than a fewissues of view.

"I do notbe expecting the target market to feel what I felt watching "Train to Busan". I think it's going to be enough if they just enjoyed it as an arcade movie. "Train to Busan" is a veryexcellent movie, but I needevery personto observe information technology from their point of view. If they revel in it, then that's enough for me".

"The movie is devastating. It's dramatic. It was sensibleto grasp that I will be able to feel this manner about a commercial movie. I'm yesall people has otherevaluations onlythat is what I thought.'

- An actress who has kept on going

Jeong Yu-mi debuted in 2004 with a brief movie and persevered to big name in large and small movies for the following 10 years. She has proved that she has no limits.

"I am thankful to have been in such films. It isn't like excellent movies just fall for your lap. I need topaintings hard for them. The primary feeling about a film is at all timesthe several but your best option has to be made and when the selection is made, it's a would have to to make it well".

It's been some time since she officially got here out with a movie regardless of the special appearance in "The Himalayas". She's been operating hard in putsthat cannot be seen.

"Sometimes I work frequentlyand often I don't. "The Himalayas" was a movie to me too so I don't believe that was a 'break'. I am consistentlyponderingtechniquesto position on a fair act and how I willare livingan easier life. I sometimes think here's all a procedure of my work".

About the folks she acts out and thinks about, she said, "I don't in my opinion understand everyone, but if I do something correctand those indicate it out, I feel surprised. I am always thinking about my characters and what kind ofuser I am. It's something I musttake into consideration forever".

Jeong Yu-mi is always thinking about acting and she says it be her job. What is adjacent for her after "Train to Busan"?

"I am working out and I pass around places. I do slightly of this and that and it makes me feel sensiblethat i am working on my power for my next job. I also would like todevourso much of nice food once "Train to Busan" is over".