BEAST Asks That Lovers Continue To Beef up Jang Hyunseung In The Future

BEAST Asks That Lovers Continue To Beef up Jang Hyunseung In The Future

BEAST Asks That Fanatics Continue To Give a spice up to Jang Hyunseung Someday notclaira July 26, 2016 0 BEAST Asks That Fans Continue To Support Jang Hyunseung In The Future On July 26, BEAST sat down for an interview with a Korean media outlet about their new album and the primarymaintrade in their member lineup.

Yoon Doo Joon said, “We knew that folk would speak about his leaving. We approved that as a fact. We made up our mindsto just accept information technology and give 120 percent. We knew a lot of people would be taking a look at us heavily after it came aboutyet nosotros didn’t would like to get too hung up on people’s words.”

The crew reiterated that it was once differences in musical styles that led to the neighborhoodto move their separate techniques from Jang Hyunseung.

“It changed into a little disappointing,” Yoon Doo Joon said. “We were a little scared to go on with five members, but we didn’t need to disappoint our fans. We are hoping that fans can realize the difficultpaintings we’re putting in place and we ask that fans continue to support Jang Hyunseung as well. We wishother folksto recognize and cheer him on, whether it’s his solo album or whatever activities he pursues in the future.”

BEAST also mentionedthe problemin their contract expiration. “Many individuals feel that it’s a largefactor and that it’s abruptly approaching, but we haven’t been readyto talk about it much as a result of our promotions. We’ve discussed it among ourselves a little. We plan to work smartlyin combinationfor goodbye as we’re together, so there’s no wish to worry.”

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