“Beautiful Mind” PD Ji Byung Hyun Stocks Message To Viewers

“Beautiful Mind” PD Ji Byung Hyun Stocks Message To Viewers

Beautiful Brain PD Ji Byung Hyun Stocks Message To Audience ehk38 July 26, 2016 0 Beautiful Mind PD Ji Byung Hyun Shares Message To Viewers Since the scoop confirming the episode relief of KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama Stunning Mind, enthusiasts of the drama have expressed their sadnessor evenbegan a petition opposing the abridgment.

On July 26, PD (producing director) Ji Byung Hun shared a message to fans in mild of the episode reduction. The staff members all know that there are rather a lot of viewers who treasure this drama. A minimum of for their sake, we could beready toremain strong.

Ji Byung Hun continues, For the explanation that viewers response has been so warm, the body of workers and actors are filming earnestly.

The episode count isn't whats important. We are able topaintingsto correctlyexplicit the message that our drama is attempting convey, so we ask for your love till the end.

Beautiful Mind premiered on June 20 and may exist wrapping up with its 14th episode on August 2. You'll watch the newest episode of the drama on Viki below.

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