For Your Viewing Pleasure: Messed up Hair

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Messed up Hair

20160726_seoulbeats_fyvp_btob_sungjaeFor Your Viewing Pleasure: Messed up HairWritten throughMorning time On July 26, 2016Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take day out of the week to curate a collection of footage from the K-pop landscape.

The snarled hair glance has been a slightly popular coiffure of late, giving off the influence of having installed very little effort to seem good. Channeling an off-the-cuff yet elegant vibe, the tousled hair silences the perception that immaculate is fashionable.

Yook Sung-jae (BtoB) | Ceci (above)

Jae-jin (FT Island) | W Korea

Shin Min-ahMarie Claire

Park Bo-gumElle Taiwan

Lee Honey Cosmopolitan

Hyosung (Secret) | Cosmopolitan

(Images via: Allure, Ceci, Cosmopolitan, Elle Taiwan, GQ, Grazia, InStyle, Marie Claire, Nylon, W Korea)