SM Artists Will Now not  Seem In Upcoming “Idol Big name Athletics Championships”

SM Artists Will Now not Seem In Upcoming “Idol Big name Athletics Championships”

SM Artists Will No longerSeem In Upcoming Idol Big name Athletics Championshipskokoberry July 26, 2016 0 SM Artists Won't Appear In Upcoming Idol Star Athletics Championships SM Entertainment artists may not beperforming on MBCs Idol Star Athletics Championships this Chuseok.

On July 26, a source printed that SM Entertainment may be sending around 350 staff to Hawaii in honor in their 20th anniversary of the founding of the agency. The timing of this conference coincides with the filming for the athletics championships that may haveposition late-August. Because thetravel will come with artists similar toTremendous Junior, Women Generation, EXO, and more; SM artists won't be ableto take part in the athletics championships.

The vacation to Hawaii was once scheduled since closing year and the date might not be altered. It seems likefanatics will need to wait till the Lunar New Year athletics championships in 2017 to look SM artists compete.

Previously, many SM artists have garnered attention with their athletic skills. In the first actual episode of the athletics championships, SHINees Minho won a gold medal for the 110-meter hurdles. Other artists adding Shindong, Luna, and more have also bought gilt medals.

Earlier this year, Xiumin suffered an harmall the manner through a futsal fit for the 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships for the duration of the Lunar New Year special.

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