iKON gets love for their winning streak on “The Remix”

iKON gets love for their winning streak on “The Remix”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In spite of the speculations, iKON is receiving more love than hate on their ongoing appearances on survival program, The Remix. 

A contemporary postal service on Pann highlighted iKON’s impressive streak at the plan as they won 3 battles out of five. The post also described the notedlevelfunctionality done through the participants in tribute to Michael Jackson where they made their garments with LED lighting and highlighted it as probably the mostbest possible and iconic performances from the crowd so far.

As the program continues to air, the post also published that iKON become one of the maximumseeksubjects on online portals equivalent to Weibo.

Fans who continue to turn their reinforce for iKON revel at the speculation that it's milestricky to win on thoseform ofsystems every bit the winner does no longer win according to popularity. However, they lament the postulate that iKON remains to be exist criticised for their alleged loss ofreputation in China when the performances display their abilities otherwise.

iKON won The Remix and competed opposed to other idol teams such as MONSTA X, VIXX and more.

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