Lee Jong-won to big name in

Lee Jong-won to big name in "Undutiful Child" with Ko Doo-sim and Lee Yoo-ri

Actor Lee Jong-won is starring in a play called "Undutiful Child" as Park Jin-ho. His co-stars are Ko Doo-sim, Kim Yeong-ok, Ahn Jae-mo, Lee Yoo-ri and Lee Hong-ryeol.

Park Jin-ho thinks paying back his mother's love is his responsibilityyet one day does anything wrong and cries tears of regret. Kim Yeong-ok and Ko Doo-sim play Choi Boon, a faithful mother.

Lee Jong-won starred in the MBC drama "Goddess Of Hearth Jeongi" as Moon Geun-yeong's father. In the latest KBS drama "Heaven's Promise", he played a chilly father who deserted his kids but overcame his fatherly love once again.

"Undutiful Child" is a 1998 usual about a man's unluckycircle of relativestale and it'll be carried outfor fifty days from the 10th of September.