"W" production, "Lee Jong-suk to create spectacle moments"

Lee Jong-suk's unfastened will has him moving secretly.

Teasers from the 3rd and fourth episodes of the hot MBC drama "W" got here up at the 26th.

Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk) and his assistant Son Hyeon-seok (Cha Gwang-soo) were noticed secretly assembly up at a port. Son Hyeon-seok is best possiblebuddies amongst Kang Cheol's father who used to be shot to death and turned into on Kang Cheol's aspect when he was accused of murder.

Son Hyeon-seok has put his lifestyles on the line to discoverthe person that killed his friend. He may bethe overall manager of "Channel W" at Kang Cheol's broadcasting company. He's Kang Cheol's mentor and 2d father.

Kang Cheol and Son Hyeon-seok's secret meeting is the opener of any other episode. Kang Cheol purchased a broadcasting corporatein finding the crook who burnt up his circle of relatives 10 years ago and has been operating on the case in secret with Son Hyeon-seok.

In the moment one episode, Kang Cheol was practically killed via a vehicleyet he has the desirevitalityto conquer the hardship.

In some other picture, Kang Cheol has teamed up with his bodyguard SEO Do-yoon (Lee Tae-hwan) in the rain. They are scuffling withopposed to a gang who are defeated by their fast moves and fierce eyes.

The "W" production says, "A spectacle is set to take place to Kang Cheol. He has trustworthy his life to locatingthose that wiped out his family".