YG Updates BLACKPINK’s Debut Date

YG Updates BLACKPINK’s Debut Date

YG Updates BLACKPINKs Debut Datekokoberry July 25, 2016 0 YG Updates BLACKPINKs Debut Date YG Entertainment has up to date their plans for BLACKPINKs respectable debut.

On June 26, a source spoke with news outlet Big name News and published BLACKPINKs new debut schedule. It turns out thatthe crowd will either debut on August 1 or August 8. The source said, BLACKPINKs debut date is still being discussed. It's farmost probably that it'll exist either of the ones dates. However, the date mayalternatedependent on circumstances.

The source continued, Were still discussing the debut date and songdisplay appearances.

Previously, it used to be reported that BLACKPINK would be debuting in overdue July. Also, the crew has carried out filming 3 music videos and is highly likely to movie more following their debut.

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