Jang Hyunseung Could be  Performing On The 2d one Episode Of Mnets Hit The Stage

Jang Hyunseung Could be Performing On The 2d one Episode Of Mnets Hit The Stage

On July 24th,Cube Entertainmentdisclosed that, "Jang Hyunseungwill be collaborating inMnet's 'Hit The Stage' filming."

In regards to having persevered appearances at the show, the firm said, "There is an opportunity for a 2nd appearance on the show. Yet inthe meantime, it is going tosimplest exist a unmarried appearance and we aren'texcited by a moment recording."

On the subject about whenHyunseung's solo album can be released, Dice commented, "Nothing has been determined yet."

Advertisement"Hit The Stage" is a new program where celebrities and pro dancers will fight it out in an intense dancing competition. Each and every team will get ready a functionalityin accordance with a specified theme and this will likelytradeeach episode. The groups volition also rotate every week. So far, 8 celebrities participants wereshowed and they are:Block B'sU-Kwon,Girls' Generation'sHyoyeon,INFINITE'sHoya,MONSTA X'sShownu,NCT U'sTen,SHINee'sTaemin,SISTAR'sBora, andTWICE'sMomo. Take a glance at the show's teasershere.

The Korean celebrities that experience been provento sign up inthe second one episode of the display areJang Hyunseung,I.O.I'sKim Chungha,BIGSTAR'sFeeldog, andStephanie.

"Hit The Stage" is scheduled to air its pilotepisode onJuly 27th 2016at11 p.m.

Let us know if you're going to be tuning in to observe the pilot episode of "Hit The Stage" in the comments below.

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