Joo Sang-wook to superstar in JTBC

Joo Sang-wook to superstar in JTBC "Fantastic" as awful actor

Actor Joo Sang-wook is gambling a most sensiblesuperstar who is a bad actor.

Upcoming drama JTBC "Fantastic" is the tale of a drama state of affairsauthor named Lee So-hye, who simplest has a couple of months to live, and a height star named Ryoo Hae-seong. The 2enjoya briefyet heated romance.

Joo Sang-wook takes at the office of Ryoo Hae-seong, a celeb who does notunderstand how to act. He'sgood-lookingand intenselysexy but God did not give him talent. His nicknames are 'Bal-Caprio', 'bad actor' and 'robot Hae-seong'.

He is filled with himself and loves getting attention. He looks ill-tempered on the outdoor but in facthe isvery hot and lovable on the inside. He reunites with Lee So-hye who is his first love and liable for his repute after 10 years.

Joo Sang-wook is stepping down from the righteous and favorable symbol he's been developmentup to now and is changing into a 'bad actor' Ryoo Hae-seong. Joo Sang-wook has been in more than a few dramas since his debut from romance to investigative dramas. His co-star in Kim Hyeon-joo in the role of Lee So-hye.

Joo Sang-wook said, "I could notforestallguffawing when I read the script. I'm excited to turn out to be this new character".

"Fantastic" is written via Lee Seong-eun and directed by Jo Nam-gook. The primary episode will also beobserved on the second of September at 8:30PM.