MAMAMOO Takes On A Haunted Space For “Showtime”

MAMAMOO Takes On A Haunted Space For “Showtime”

MAMAMOO Takes On A Haunted Area For Showtimechoralee July 24, 2016 0 MAMAMOO Takes On A Haunted Residence For Showtime On a contemporary recording of “Showtime MAMAMOO x GFRIEND,” the individuals of MAMAMOO adopt a horror enjoyso as to figure out who gets scared the easiest.

The members divulge which member has a tendency to get scared the most, yet in order to in reality identify the scaredy-cat, MAMAMOO enters a haunted house. They crosswithin a ghost house and explore the kitchen, the interior, the well, and a number of shaman writings whilstwinding upnumerous missions.

As they are attemptingto hold out the missions, one of the most members are noticedseeking tocombat the ghosts, while other members are visible having a verbal exchange with the ghosts.

Watch MAMAMOO members displaya wide range of reactions at the next episode of “Showtime MAMAMOO x GFRIEND” airing on July 28.

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