SHINee’s Jonghyun touches a fan’s center at fan signal  tournament with private note

SHINee’s Jonghyun touches a fan’s center at fan signal tournament with private note

32kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A SHINee fan shared a touching privateenjoy alongside member Jonghyun during a fan signalmatch afterward he a ways and beyond to cheer her up.

On Might 27th during the online network board DC Gallery, the fan printed that she used to be ashamed of her call and did now notwould like to share it with SHINee. Bobbing up to Jonghyun to get a signature, she first of all told him not to incorporate a name prompting him to invite her, Then what do you want me to write?

The fan is going on to supply an explanation for that because of her shock, Suddenly, my brain went blank so I asked him to write my actual name, she writes on her post. She then continues to describe that she had sought afterto inform him that his radio show Blue Night had given her much convenienceyetprior to she maymove further, burst into tears soon after bringing up the show.

Why are you crying? he had asked her, but the chiefprovide had pressed her to transport along the line and ended up in Onews fan sign line soon after.

She continued, I in brief made touch with Jjong and he mouthed out the words Dont cry..even when I used to be getting Jinki (Onew)s autograph, Jjong poked me in the arm when he had a destroy from his line and told me not to cry..I changed intoin point of fact having a intellectual breakdown so I couldnt tell SHINee all I neededto mention that I planned and went back to my seat to wait, then Jjong wrote anything and a body of workers member brought the note over for him..

Though I wasnt crying on account of my name but on account of SHINee ㅠ Its embarrassing, but at the time it felt like all of the times that Ive gotten harmdue to my name were suddenly getting healed.

The normal poster then posted up the note from Jonghyun, which read, Dont cry. Its a horny name. Its other those that are foolish. You're incredible.

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