First Impressions: “W”

First Impressions: “W”

First Impressions: Wbinahearts July 24, 2016 0 First Impressions: W westward is a new Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo, and is one of the various highly expected dramas of 2016. Theres numerouspowerin this drama to bring since it is going to exist airing at the similar time as Uncontrollably Fond, and itll be amusingto glance atthe 2 male leads and real-life buddies duke it out in the ratings. Even if the two dramas are utterly different, if youre trying to find an edge-of-your-seat, romantic, funny drama, then W is certainlythe only to watch!

Curious to look how I suspect W did in the primary two episodes? Stay reading to discover out! (Minor spoilers ahead).

1. Production PriceWe will have toin realityspeak about the graphics because this facet of the drama has completely won me over and Im no longer eventidethe sortto truly manage about the type of stuff. The webtoon theme of the storyline calls forso much of CG because it has to tripfrom aspect to side between the comediane-bookinternational and real life. Its seriously cool seeing the scenes and characters transform.

Theres truly no other be aware to describe this except cool.

Theres lots of shift in scenery duringthe 1st two episodes, yet IT didnt feel disheveled at all. I assumedI'd becomepissed off alongside the non-stop traveling back and forth from comic world to genuine life, but it used to be produced so smoothly that it wasnt a problem.

One thing I did realizebecome that there has been no noticeable OST. Im used to hearing some noted singer or workforce bust out a music when the mood changes, but there hasnt been the rest significant. Im hoping things trade on that front because I cant lend a hand but love a excellent drama OST.

2. Forged and CharactersLee Jong Suk as a comicpersona is life. Period. Doesn’t he have the very best face up to be a webtoon character? You cant even tell the difference.

(Again, I cant get over those graphics!)

Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) plays a famous Olympic gold medalist in shooting who is charged with the homicide of his whole family. His character is precisely what you couldbe expecting out of a comic book hero — flawless face, rich, a girls man, and he has these killer one-liners that make you squeal. Lee Jong Suk is manifestly perfect for the role.

We also notice that this entire earth that Kang Cheol is in is in truth a webtoon that any person is drawing (Ill get to that later). Regardless that Kang Cheols lines were sparse and we havent had a possibility to really get to understand him, Im loving the interactions with him and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) already. Hes already obviously in love with her and its making me wait forthe following episodes.

As for Lee Jong Suks first appearance in the drama, there wasn’t anything heart-dropping about the moments at first where he’s in court, competing in the Olympics, or in the sanatorium bed. The massive moment most likelygot here when he pulled up to Oh Yeon Joo in his pricey car, having a look like this:

Hello, Kang Cheol. You've got officially arrived and you’re ridiculously handsome.

(Who else can pull off jean on jean, btw?)

Aside from his perfect webtoon face, Lee Jong Suk’s acting is drawing me into his drama – yet again. Seriously, what is it about him and this skill to suck you in? His character Kang Cheol is so perfect for him and I will enjoin his fan base is going to grow exponentially.

Now let’s communicate close to Han Hyo Joo, because she’s the maximum importantreasonI used to be and thendesirous about this drama. Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) plays a resident who lacks the self-confidence and talents to be a doctor. Her father could also bethe consumer who created Kang Cheol and the webtoon world that he lives in. She spends lots of the two episodes seeking to relieve Kang Cheol, which also is how they meet and how this love tale blossoms.

I love how imperfect Han Hyo Joos character is, because if anything, its made her more relatable and lovable. I also love the inner, panicked monologues she has.

If the characters or plot arent enough of a reason to get you to monitor the drama, have a look at the chemistry between these two — even off-screen! Theyre oozing with love for each and every other.

I didnt watch any trailers or read much about this drama leading up to the premiere. So, you'll be in a position toconsider my delightfulwonder when I saw this fine specimen of a human on screen.

So Do Yoon (Lee Tae Hwan) plays Kang Cheol’s bodyguard (what is it with him at all times being cast as a bodyguard?). Though he doesn’t appear to have much screen time, it’ll still be value the watch. Thank you to the team at W who was concerned in the casting process.

Its a little early to tell, but I am gettinga feeling that So Do Yoon might be that loyal, soft-hearted, but sturdy quality who is willing to do anything for Kang Cheol. Are we able to beloved him any more?

3. StorylineI really didn’t know I was partial to fourth dimension travel-type dramas till anestumbled on Nine: nine Times Time Travel. I’m just gonna say that the writer, Song Jae Jung, is a genius. I was just a littleanxious about this “time” theme and wondered if “W” would be very identical to Nine, but I guarantee you, it’s fullyother and it’s awesome.

The first short time of a drama is fundamental for me. If Im now not hooked from the get-go, I generally tendnot to like your entire series. I was a little worried at the start of W as it began with Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) competing in the Olympics and winning, which I wasnt absolutely sold on. But, then it got to the beef of the plot. Although Kang Cheol wins the gold medal in shooting, he's likewise charged in a while after for the murder of his family. With inadequate evidence, Kang Cheol is released from felony and spends his days wallowing.

After an attempted suicide, he decides to avenge the death of his circle of relatives and sets out to determine exactly who murdered them and why. This sounds like a narrativedirectly out of a comic book, right?

Han Hyo Joos character comes into play when we find that her dad is the famous mastermind in the back of Kang Cheols comic world.  Oh Yeon Joo spends more commonly than not in the first two episodes wanting to save Kang Cheol. We dont know why, but her dad really needs him dead and he turns outsomewhat angry about his daughters interaction with him. Normally, I wouldnt care too much about some of these unanswered questions, but this one has piqued my curiosity.

The juxtaposition between the comic world and real world is simply brilliant. I admire how they display pages out of the comic book and then prove the actors in real time. Wasn’t it just amazing when Han Hyo Joo first saw herself in the comic book?

And how hilarious was that slap? I laughed out loud.

At this point, this mysterious, suspenseful drama became into a comedy. It was also at this point that I was officially hooked. Its funny, suspenseful, and romantic. Whats not to like?!

4. UltimateMindI watched either episodes in one sitting and was shocked at how temporarily the two hours went by. For the explanation that story was moving at such a quick pace, I didnt have time to figure out if I loved the drama or not and ahead of I knew it, it was over. On height of the superb script is a cast of a fewwonderful actors (and eye-candy).  I’m waiting for seeing how this drama unfolds and I'm hoping it’s capable ofmaintain my attention; on account of the writer, I’m self-assured that it will!

W” airs each Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the newest episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

Soompiers, what do you place self belief in W so far? Let me know in the comments below!binahearts is a Soompi author who loves to spend her unfastened time immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and good looks products! Her present obsessions are Song Joong Ki, 1llionaire, and Doctors. When she isn’t looking atthe most recent Running Man episode, she may also benoticed indulging in her favoriteleisure pursuitswhich come withmaking a song her middle out at karaoke, photography, twiddling with her dog, and dining dessert!

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