W, Episodes 1-2: Blurring Truth with the Fiction of a Webtoon

W, Episodes 1-2: Blurring Truth with the Fiction of a Webtoon

20160721_seoulbeats_wW, Episodes 1-2: Blurring Truth alongside the Fiction of a WebtoonWritten through Laverne On July 23, 2016Lee Jong-suk returns to dramaland along Han Hyo-joo in a funny fablemystery close to two other people in parallel universes. Hyo-joo plays Oh Yeon-joo, a clinical resident whose father is the author of popular webtoon, W. This titular webtoon stars a tender man, Kang Chul (Lee Jong-suk), on his quest to discover his familys killer. The core of the drama happens when Yeon-joo is pulled into the webtoon, changingthe tale line and resulting in consequences for either one of them.

W is a fabricated frompublisher Song Jae-jung who also wrote time-bending dramas Nine and Queen In-hyuns Man. Jae-jungs ability and authentic plot shines in W as it expertly blends two realities. In this aspect, the script is helped by the directing and CGI the usage of this blend as a transition from Hyo-joos fact to Kang Chuls and back again.

This blending of art and reality is a gorgeousaggregate and permits the display to play with the constrictions of a webtoon. Every other example of here is when Yeon-joo, waiting to have a look at and re-enter her reality, is fast-forwarded two months whilst sitting on a bench. She realizes that during webtoons, there is continuously fourth dimension jumps to steer transparent of dragging out a story. In this case, Kang Chuls two month health facilityremain is speedy forwarded over to jump to his discharge. Two months could have passed for him, yet for Yeon-joo, it was oncea question of seconds.

Yeon-joos webtoon realizations aren't limited to this instance. In a later scene, she realizes that so as to come again to her reality, she wishes the webtoon bankruptcy to end, and webtoon chapters love tofinish on cliffhangers. This meta statementis pleasant because now nothandiest is it true, but it also applies to dramas as well, giving W a adorable sense of self-awareness.

20160721_seoulbeats_w_kimeuisangBut W isn't all light-hearted; there are dark moments that lift more questions than they answer. Yeon-joos father, Oh Sung-moo (Kim Eui-sung) is hiding an ominous secret that he refuses to divulge to his daughter, even after she gets sucked into the webtoon, AKA Kang Chuls reality. Its glaring that Sung-moo knows that his webtoon universe is alive but he'sdecided to kill off Kang Chul for unknown reasons.

In Sung-moos eyes, much to the detriment of his daughter, Kang Chul is his advent and thus, he can do whatever he wants; to Sung-moo, killing Kang Chul is not identical to murder. But the end of episode two hints that there's so a lot more going on here. Kang Chul rewrites the fate Sung-moo has drawn for him, much to Sung-moos astonishment and horror.

W has succeeded in growing a complex drama with parallel universes that can not be untangled from each and every other. And while lots of the first two episodes make it appearas though only Yeon-joos reality can have an effect on Kang Chuls, the finishing of episode two suggests that the opposite is possible, leading to a plethora of possibilities. Compounded with robustperforming from Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk, W is a drama to stay an eye on.

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