MAMAMOO Hilariously Fails Hidden Camera Prank For Hwasas Birthday

MAMAMOO Hilariously Fails Hidden Camera Prank For Hwasas Birthday

MAMAMOO Hilariously Fails Hidden Camera Prank For Hwasa’s Birthdayilmare42 July 23, 2016 0 MAMAMOO Hilariously Fails Hidden Camera Prank For Hwasa’s Birthday On July 23, MAMAMOO’s Solar, Wheein, and Moonbyul attempted to prank their maknae Hwasa on her birthday, yet information technology didn’t movemoderately equally expected!

The participants went on Naver’s V app to percentage their birthday birthday celebration for Hwasa with lovers live, and initially of the show, Sun and Wheein try andremain quiet as they excitedly explain their plans for the party. Meanwhile, Moonbyul is speakingat thetelephone alongside Hwasa to take a glance at out to get her to come without knowing about the wonder party.

“She’s most definitelystuckdirectly to us,” says Solar, “but the key is that we’re looking to celebrate her birthday!”

The members then make a decision that they must make it a hidden camera prank as an alternative of just a surprise party. Solar suggests that they hide the camera and accuse Hwasa of being overdue when she arrives, and Wheein and Solar chortle in excitement.

But when Hwasa does arrive and Solar starts scolding her for being late, she struggles a littleto appearplausible because she’s also looking to secretly movie the scene. Hwasa notices nearlyappropriate away, and the women laugh as they surrender and just get startedmaking a song “Happy Birthday” whilst bringing out the cake.

After they celebrate, Hwasa jokes, “I made a wish on the candles. I wanted that Solar’s acting talents would improve,” and they all dissolve into laughter. Solar laughs and tries to shield herself by way ofannouncing she was once filming and performing atthe similar time, but Wheein says she changed into being too obvious. Hwasa issues out, “I may just see the chat room to your phone!”

After they give Hwasa some gifts, Solar thank you MAMAMOO’s fans for all of the birthday messages and gifts they’ve sent in, earlier than they wrap up with any other rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Watch the entiredisplay here!

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