Media names the “Best 4” generating idols

Media names the “Best 4” generating idols

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterRecently, media news portal OSEN indexedthe maximum efficientfourgenerating idols in the Korean entertainment industry today, who also are known to heavily take part in their teams albums.

As the manufacturerin their respective group, they are at a topmerit every bit they are the most conversant in their own colourin addition strength and weaknesses.

201607211756773107_579091e6140dd_99_20160722075405 Image: Zico, Jinyoung, Rap Monster, Woozi (left to right) / Photo by capacity of OSEN

Image: Block B Zico / Photo by OSEN Image: Block B Zico / Photo by OSEN

Since liberating his first ever mixtape in 2010, Zico has been a welcoming presence in the hip-hop network in South Korea, and has been identified as a skilled producer. As neatly as producing for his workforce Block B, Zico has also released his own self-produced solo albums. One of his most fresh solo hits come with Boys And womenand i'm You, You're Me.

Image: BTS Rap Monster / Photo by OSEN Image: BTS Rap Monster / Photo by OSEN

As the leader and primary rapper of the crowd BTS, Rap Monster has shown his abilities in producing in quite so much of of the groups beyond and existing albums. Apart fromcommunity activities, he has also released numerouscombine tapes to extrablow their own horns his skills as a talented producer. During the mixtapes, which supplies Rap Monster more freedom to precise himself, lovers can pick out up on hints on what type oftune hell be releasing in the future.

Image: B1A4 Jinyoung / Photo by OSEN Image: B1A4 Jinyoung / Photo by OSEN

Since B1A4s debut and primary mini-album Lets Fly (Bling Girl), Jinyoung has participated as a songwriter and composer for the group. In fact, some of his songs have also been selected as the groups leading track adding Baby, Im Sorry (2012), ToddlerJust rightEvening (2012), AttemptedTo stroll (2012), Whats Going down (2013), Lonely (2014), Solo Day (2014), and CandyWoman (2015). He was once further in a position to exhibit his expertise as a producer on MnetProduce 101 with the song When Cherry Blossoms Fade, which won rave experiences from netizens.

Image: SVENTEEN's Woozi / Photo by OSEN Image: SVENTEENs Woozi / Photo by OSEN

Boy group SEVENTEEN has been identified as a self-producing idol ever since their debut ultimate year. They are well known to be very self-involved in terms of their performances including the composition and production of their tracks or even their choreography.

One of the individuals who is especially highlighted in the OSEN article is member Woozi. They write that his expectation point as a producer is certain to upward thrust in the arrivinglong run as he's the most eager about the production of SEVENTEENs albums.

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