Produce 101 PD Apologizes For Calling Display “Wholesome Pornography”

Produce 101 PD Apologizes For Calling Display “Wholesome Pornography”

“Produce 101” PD Apologizes For Calling DisplayHealthy Pornographycrystalcove July 22, 2016 0 “Produce 101” PD Apologizes For Calling Show Wholesome Pornography Mnets “Produce 101” PD and branch head Han Dong Chul apologizes for description of the hit show as wholesome pornography.

Han Dong Chul officially said on July 22 KST, I'm shocked and apologetic for the largefalse impressionled toby way of the words that I just used for expression. The style the words were misunderstood does now not reflect my normal intention.

He continued, I am sorry for causing hassleon account of my error in not thinking more in moderation more or less what I say in mirrored image of what the original goal is. In gentle of this incident, I promise to be more cautious about my words.

Mnet explained to local news outlet Biz Input that what Han Dong Chul intendedwas once to describe the show as such robust content that you cant take your eyes off of it. It apologized to all who enjoyed the showed and all and sundryconcerned for causing misunderstanding by the carelessness of words chosen.

Earlier, Han Dong Chul discovered himself in hot water when his interview about the show in Prime Cut magazine came to light, all the way through which he described Produce 101 as wholesome pornography. Much of the public objected to his comments, especially since the show became populated with minors.

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