Flowsik Reunites With UNIQ’s Seungyoun For Collab

Flowsik Reunites With UNIQ’s Seungyoun For Collab

Flowsik Reunites With UNIQs Seungyoun For Collabchoralee July 21, 2016 0 Flowsik Reunites With UNIQs Seungyoun For Collab Rappers Seungyoun and Flowsik, who met on Display Me The cash 5, are coming in combination to collaborate.

On July 20 via social media, Seungyoun released an image that said, SEUNGYOUN Luizy X With Who? to announce the collaboration. On July 21, Flowsik also released a equivalentimage with the other phrase.

Flowsik and UNIQ member Seungyoun met at the set of Prove Me The Cash 5, where the 2 rappers battled every other all through a one on one mission. Whilst Seungyoun lost opposed to Flowsik, he gaineda sort ofcompliment from the manufacturers on the show. Flowsik reputable Seungyouns taste of track and the two bonded in the process the show, which can have led them to collaborate.

Seungyouns firm Yuehua Entertainment stated, The collaboration is receiving much attention because the rappers voices and characters compliment one another well. Either Seungyoun and Flowsik have a massive number ofskill and could beready to create quite a few new music together that might satisfy fans.

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