A Crimson  Making ready For September Comeback

A Crimson Making ready For September Comeback

A CrimsonMaking ready For September Comebackkokoberry July 21, 2016 0 A Pink Preparing For September Comeback A Pink is making plans on coming circular again this September!

The women will get started preparing following the finishin their Japan tour. Having released their final album in July of 2015, this comeback comes a year and two months after their outdated release.

A source from their firm Plan A Entertainment said, A Pink is lately on their 2dEasternresideexcursion Pink Summer. After their last concert in Nagoya on July 23, we plan to officially begin preparing to free up a new album in September.

Having released many hit songs adding Remember, LUV, NoNoNo, and more; there is superb anticipation for the teams comeback.

What roughly song and ideado you wantto look from them?

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