Lee Gwang-soo,

Lee Gwang-soo, "I do not would like to be greedy"

Fashion mag In Taste featured Lee Gwang-soo and his interview in the August issue.

He starred in the tvN drama "Dear My Friends" as Kim Hye-ja's son and left slightly an impression. He said, "I learnednumerous things gazing Kim Hye-ja from so close. She does the complete thing perfectly even every now and then she does not take to. I presumed anereadyso much for my role, yetin comparison to her, I am noting. I have a ways to go".

He's starring in the tvN drama "Entourage Korea". He is gotten just aboutthe forged and they hang out each straightaway and then. "I think unity with your fellow co-stars is important".

He spoke about the factors he chooses in characters. "I had beenfortunatethus far and I'm thankful to have met such excellentother people around me".

"I have never been grasping somethe rest I think. I'm just chuffed with myself at the moment".

Lee Gwang-soo's interview will also benoticed in the August factor of In Style.