Interview "Lucky Romance" Ryu Jun-yeol, "I am lucky to be successful"

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol debuted closing year. He ishandiest been at this for two years yetthe velocity of his enlargement is "Lucky".

He's change into one of the ones actors who 'starred in the tvN "Respond" series and turned into a star'. Many of us had doubts about Ryu Jun-yeol who had no oldreports in dramas but throughthe primary and 2d episode, he was once 'it'. Later, he landed himself in the leading role of a ground-wave drama.

In "Lucky Romance" Ryu Jun-yeol played Je Soo-ho, a genius who lacks social skills. He looks logical and cool-headed but most often he's clumsy and immature. Issues went up for Ryu Jun-yeol for his romance with Hwang Jeong-eum.

"In "Lucky Romance", there were numerouscandy scenes so it was fun. We had some just right times and at all times gave comments to each and every other".

Thankfully, he were givenwith reference to Hwang Jeong-eum. She was a hardconsumerin the beginning to him but now they are closer.

"I was very careful round her at first but now I am alright. We were in combination for many years and we shared many ideas".

Ryu Jun-yeol evenly delivers the sentiments of his character. His speeches and expressions are flawless and he's so smart amongst details.

"I do not like the term 'bored'. I truly liketo stick low once in a while just 1love to exist active more. So I meet so much of other folksand i've stories to tell. I believethis is what reflects in my acting. I also don't tell myself to have a look atanything for a scene. I you need to be equallyherbal as possible".

Ryu Jun-yeol was a guy in love with Hwang Jeong-eum in the drama.

"The fascinating act got some perfect response. I'm actually not a charming person so I did not know what to do but Hwang Jeong-eum worked neatly with me. Having the actress cooperate with you is every other thing that girls like. I assumedtough roughly Je Soo-ho's feelingsthat vary when he meets Sim Bonnie. The transition between ahead of and after he meets the lady he loves had to appear natural".

Ryu Jun-yeol attempted out his first kiss scene in "Lucky Romance". He thinks it was more amusing to do justmild kisses in position of a deep one.

"I did notwould like to make it appear awkward but it was. I used to be and so shy. My pals say it is like they are spying on my love lifestyles and gave up gazing the drama. However, Hwang Jeong-eum was a veteran and helped me with my first kiss scene".

He had to do many of thinking and reading to take on the kind of long drama but the percentage didn't turn out to be as sensible as the beginning. Ryu Jun-yeol is now getting ready for a film called "The King" and "Taxi Driver".

"I did my best possible but if that didn't bring out the maximum productive of the drama then I just take that as an indication to paintings harder. Still, I enjoyed the set. Je Soo-ho is wealthy but he stills works hard. He's like me in that part. We are never happy with what we have got and are continuallyrunning for more. Being in a drama is like going on a trip. Assemblyindividuals and expressing my emotionsshall we me mature. Also, I'm exactly really lucky to be in non-stopa hit dramas".