STELLAR’s Minhee raises a lot of speculations after cloth cabinet malfunction

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSTELLAR’s Minhee raised a couple of eyebrows after these daysaffected bya delicatedresser malfunction. 

On July 20th, Minhee and the remainder of the gangconducted their newestunmarried “Crying” on MBC Music’s Show Champion where her strap snapped midwaythru their performance. Dressed in a red, halter strapped dress, the singer was oncenoticed smiling awkwardly as she held her get dressed up to save youextra embarrassment.

Minhee becameready to continue with the functionality without any other incident.

The malfunction, however, raised a few eyebrows as some lovers speculate that the incident could have just been one in their agency’s marketing strategy. Other netizens also can notassistyet recall their provocative pledge to their fans must they win first position on a music program, leaving others to query their motives to reach such fame.

STELLAR continues promotions for their 7th single, “Crying.”

Source: Sports Today, TVReport

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