BLACKPINK’s Dance Prepare Video Surpasses four Million Views

BLACKPINK’s Dance Prepare Video Surpasses four Million Views

BLACKPINKs Dance Prepare Video Surpasses four Million Perspectives leonid July 21, 2016 0 BLACKPINKs Dance Practice Video Surpasses 4 Million Views The dance practice video of YG Entertainments upcoming womanteam BLACKPINK has now accumulated more than 4 million views!

The video surpassed 4 million views on July 21, 16 days after it was once released. At the time of publication, it has reached an impressive 4,181,979 views.

Despite the reality that the gang has yet to debut, the buzz over BLACKPINK is evident in the massivecollection of dance covers and reaction videos that lovers have produced already.

Meanwhile, the womancommunity has filmed 3tune videos for an upcoming song from their album which manufacturer Teddy worked on for 2 years. YG Entertainment prior to now announced that BLACKPINK will incessantly drop their singles till December, with the primary due in July.

While waiting, dont fail to spot the fierce practice video below!

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