AOA’s Chanmi praised for her determination to fans

AOA’s Chanmi praised for her determination to fans

6kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A contemporary post on Pann has caught much traction in describing AOA Chanmis loving personality.

Fans have lately documented the determination that AOAs Chanmi has for fans thrumore than a few interactions with other fans. The ladyworkforce has wondesire for their bright and attractiveideas and now capture the hearts of fans by way of their fan service.

Check out some posts here:

のっきー:耳が不自由だけど、よろしくね♪ (@arafuji0620) October 17, 2015

This fan recordfinds that all over a handshake tournament alongside AOA, she printed to Chanmi that she used to be deaf. At a following event, Chanmi remembered this fan and used signal language to mention Youre pretty. The fan tweeted the message above expressing her wonder and delight.

A photo posted through Kim chan mi/구르미☁ (@chanmi_96a) on Oct 16, 2015 at 7:31pm PDT

Chanmi also posted a photo of a YouTube video, appearing that she listened to a song written by a fan.

The Pann article also noted that Chanmi incessantly posts updates about puzzles or other gifts that her fans have given her.

Another fan account main points her authentictaking care of fans: Last year, I went to AOAs fan signing and told Chanmi that I actually like how shes at all timesstuffed withdecision and self-assured in herself However, she answered that shes in realitynow not that popular and has low self confidence so she exaggerates her movements to appear to be she does. AOA fans all know this yet Chanmis continuallythe only whos nicest to the fans and always tries to lead conversations, striking up subjects and reacting to what they say. Shes also active on Instagram to be in contact more. Recently she publishan evidence shot of polishing off a puzzle that her fan had proficient her.

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