Is Ban Seo-jin the fashion who sued Lee Jin-wook

Is Ban Seo-jin the fashion who sued Lee Jin-wook "Not me!"

Model Ban Seo-jin is in hot water because of rumors going around in the showbiz. Some random rumor has been going around that she is the consumer who used Lee Jin-wook of rape.

She denied those rumors and acknowledged she's never even met the actor and she does not know him.

Lee Jin-wook has been accused of raping a woman who he met viaa pal on July 12th.

'A' who sued Lee, is a typicalworkplace worker, yet on SNS, the rumors say it is Ban Seo-jin.

Ban Seo-jin is appalled and she says she's been getting messages from her pals and circle of relativeson account of this.

Ban Seo-jin said, "I have no idea why these rumors are going around and I do not know the details, but it more or less feels that the accuser could also be a 'Ban' so that is why I were givenexcited about this".

Ban Seo-jin changed intonoted for her good looks and hot frame on "Miracle Beauty" on Television Cast. She reported the initiator of these rumors to the police.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin-wook has sued 'A' for false accusations.

The police have accumulated Lee Jin-wook's DNA for contrast with evidence from 'A' and may neatly bethe use of a lie detector at some point.