“Beautiful Mind” Might  Finish  Previous Than At first Planned

“Beautiful Mind” Might Finish Previous Than At first Planned

Beautiful BrainWould possiblyFinishPrevious Than At first Plannedkminjungee July 20, 2016 0 Beautiful Mind Might also End Before Originally Planned Because ofthe impending Rio Summer Olympics, KBS 2TVs Monday-Tuesday drama Gorgeous heedmay also end faster than expected.

On July 20, a source from KBS states, We are latelymaking an allowance for special programming for the Rio Olympics internally. The aid of episodes for gorgeous Mind is still being discussed. We have gotno longer yet reached a lastresolutionreferring toLovely Mind finishing earlier.

A source from the manufacturer of the drama, Raemongraein, confirms that they know about KBS desirous about many plans in regards to the Olympics, yet says, We have not begun to get preserve of any data someGorgeous Mind being shortened.

Earlier this day, one news outlet reported that the drama would end earlier than originally planned with a fewer choice of episodes, giving similar reasons to what KBS has revealed.

Meanwhile, Exquisite Mind premiered on June 20, and has been averaging 3-4 % for viewership ratings.

It recently aired its 10th episode, which you'lltake a glance atunderneath as well!

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