Koreans criticize CNBLUE’s Minhyuk for “begging” his lovers for a dear watch

Koreans criticize CNBLUE’s Minhyuk for “begging” his lovers for a dear watch

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterCNBLUE member Minhyuk has come belowfireplacecurrently later netizens accused him of begging his lovers for a dear scout on SNS. 

In a contemporary mail on Instagram, Minhyuk captioned a photo of a slightlyinfrequenta luxurious watch, Ive been looking toglance for this everywhere, yet they say its difficult to findI can relate to the announcingyou want to have what you cant have appropriate nowits been some time since Ive sought afteranything else this badIm going to seekthe arena if I have to..I should accept you. Even supposing he didnt explicitly ask for the watch, many celebrities ago get defendant of begging fans for priceypiecesby ability of posting their choice for the gifts on SNS. In many cases, person fans and fan clubs have boughtaskedmodels for their favourite idols. 

Since making the post, Minhyuk has gaineda huge number ofgrievance from many of his fans on Instagram, with one pointing out that the pricy watch isnt if reality be told that rare at all, and is available to buy online without a waiting list. Minhyuk has since deleted the post from his Instagram account.

Check out the tune video for CNBLUEs newest song Youre So Fine below:

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