INFINITE To hang Special Exhibition For Fans

INFINITE To hang Special Exhibition For Fans

INFINITE To hang Special Exhibition For Enthusiasts JiwonYu July 19, 2016 0 INFINITE To Grasp Special Exhibition For Fans Endless has planned an overly exceptionalmatch for the fans!

On July 20, INFINITEs firm Woollim Entertainment posted on its SNS the legit logo for INFINITEs exhibition titled History of INFINITE.

The agency wrote, We might beready to existmaintaining a History of INFINITE exhibition on August 3 to 7 for the fans who will be partĀ of our That Summer 3 concert.

This exhibition will be held in Samsung Blue Square Complex Cultural Area NEMO.

In party of INFINITEs 6th debut anniversary, the History of INFINITE exhibition will accumulate memories from their debut until now and percentage it with the fans. It is going to be divided into 3 sections: the history, That Summer, and the sector tours.

This is particularlyexpected since INFINITE will be appearing never-before-seen clips and behind-the-scenes photos, and display screen all their outfits theyve worn right through their promotions.

In the center of the exhibition, a sportin theirtune video set will be to be had for fans to enjoy.

Woollim Entertainment stated, INFINITE for my part participated in making plans this exhibition, so it would be an even more special occasion for the fans. We'llshowmore than a few never-before-seen products so please stay up for it.

History of INFINITE will be held simultaneously with INFINITEs That Summer 3 concert on August 3 to 7.

Are you excited for this event?

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