Photos "Run-off" Soo-ae and Oh Yeon-seo out of the hockey uniform

The actresses of "Run-off" have taken off their hockey uniforms.

Pictures of Soo-ae, Oh Yeon-seo, Ha Jae-sook, Kim Seul-gi-I, Kim Ye-won-I and Ji Jin-hee posing for In Taste have come up.

The 6 actresses play Korea's first women's national hockey team in the film "Run-off".

This time, they are all dressed in dresses in its place of hockey uniforms. The dresses had beencolour coordinated in white and gentle blue. Soo-ae is having a look at the camera in a white get dressedwhilst Oh Yeon-seo is wearing a blue and white dress.

In the 2nd one picture, all and sundry is matched in white dresses and are preserving hockey sticks and helmets.

Soo-ae in the role of hockey ace Ji-won, said, "I have not had the risk to paintings with actresses at all and this time I discovered what teamwork is".

"Run-off" is the tale of Korea's first ever women's national hockey team and it comes out at the 10th of August.