“Girls Who Consume Well” Finds New Structure After Controversy

“Girls Who Consume Well” Finds New Structure After Controversy

Girls Who DevourNeatlyFinds New Structure afterwards Controversychoralee July 18, 2016 0 Girls Who Eat Well Exhibits New Format After Controversy JTBCs Ladies Who Eat Well latelyaccomplished its first recording since the changing of the shows format.

The presentationsidentifyLadies Who Eat Well, is changing to We can consume Well (tentative title), and will be a food communicatedisplayas an alternative of a proveconsidering mukbang (eating broadcast).

JTBC printed the title change, and also mentioned that the recording day moved from Wednesday to Saturday. A metamorphosis in the host line up was once as well made, with Jo Se Ho, Yang Sae Hyung, and Moon Hee Jun as a substitute of Kim Sook. The recording of the primary episode included guests equivalent to TWICEs Jungyeon and Momo, gugudans Minah, and Jeong Jinwoon among others.

Girls Who Eat Well is a show in which contributorsof otherwomanteams eat plenty of foods so as to earn the title of the maximum productive girl team eater. The show had handiest aired two episodes when it become met with some criticism, and announced that changes to its format would be made.

The first episode of We'll Eat Well will air on July 23.

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