Jay Park Slays With I Dont Disappoint

Jay Park Slays With I Dont Disappoint

Jay Parkdoes an all kill onJaywalkerswith the hotliberate of a new English song, 'I Do not Disappoint'. He certainlydoes not disappoint with his collaboration withCha Cha Malone.

Cha Cha Malone did an awesomeprocess alongsidegenerating 'I Don't Disappoint'. The beats for this song are totally on point and featurefanaticsframe rolling all throughall of the song. Not most effective does Jay Park slay in rapping, yet his making a song does wonders to the mind. Jay Park's attractive voice suits amazingly with the beat and melody of this piece. On best of that, this song has been sung in English, making it a lot more intense for the internationalJaywalkers.

Additionally, this song was once released because ofthe overpowering responses on Jay Park's twitter. He asked fans if they would likeany other Cha Cha Malone produced song and let's just say, fans are incrediblyhappy for the release of 'I Don't Disappoint' because Jay Park once back doesn't disappoint hisJaywalkers.

AdvertisementSo take a glance atthe superb song, 'I Don't Disappoint' below!

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