FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Needs  To pay attention on  Tune Over Acting Correct Now

FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Needs To pay attention on Tune Over Acting Correct Now

FTISLANDs Lee Hong Ki NeedsTo pay attention onSong Over Acting Presently JiwonYu July 18, 2016 0 FTISLANDs Lee Hong Ki Wants To target Music Over Acting Right Now All througha up to date interview to advertise FTISLANDs 6th full-length album, Wheres the Truth, Lee Hong Ki discussed his thoughts about acting again.

Lee Hong Ki says, I wish topoint of interest on music right now. I began writing songs since ultimate year and I wouldnt step out of the production room because I used to be so into it. It seems likethe dimensions is tipped toward music right now.

He continues, Thats why I chose to do a musical over just undeniable acting. At the finish of August, Im appearing in the musical this isencouragedvia singer Kim Kwang Suk. The time table for the musical overlaps with the promotion of this album yet Im going to give it my perfectregardless of the tough schedule.

The other participants remain self-assured in Lee Hong Ki, too, saying, Hes at all times been in a position to do it, so we accept as true with him.

Choi Jong Hun adds, The opposite members are going to begin acting, too. One member already accomplished filming a web-drama. I dont know about other members but I wish toseem on sort shows.

Meanwhile, FTISLAND got here back with their album Wheres the fact on July 18 and shouldget started their promotions.

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