Gay Korean Couple Re-Create Popular K-Pop Idol Makeup For Men

Gay Korean Couple Re-Create Popular K-Pop Idol Makeup For Men

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThis Korean couple are getting a massive number of attention for their online proclaims especially after posting a K-Pop idol makeup tutorial. 

A netizen posted a feature post on popular Afreeca Television BJs Hyuki and Beomi. With their permission, the item featured Hyuki and Beomi, a homosexual couple in South Korea and online personalities noted for their meokbang, out of doors walking, drinking and make-up broadcasts.

On one in theirnewest videos, Hyuki and Beomi demonstarted an academic on recreating the make-up done via famous Korean male idols. Throughout the tutorial, Hyuki recreated BTS’ Jimin’s look, whilst Beomi took on EXO’s Xiumin make-up. The 2additionalemphasized that they do notappear to beskilled make-up artists and handiest did the academic for fun.

Meanwhile, Hyuki is described to be a barista these daysrunning in a cafe, while Beomi is  hair stylist. The couple have maintained their dating for a year and two months.

Hyuki attempts to recreate Jimins make-up 

Beomi recreates Xiumins make-up

Hyuki and Beomi in combination as Jimin and Xiumin

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