Park Yoochuns Enthusiasts Upload Video; Pledge Always By way of Your Side

Park Yoochuns Enthusiasts Upload Video; Pledge Always By way of Your Side

THAT'S A large GESTURE FROM HIS FANS.An world fan club ofJYJ'sPark Yoochunhas uploaded a touchingvideoto power and pledge a worldcrusade to give a spice up to him, following the police announcement thathe might be acquittedfrom all of the sexual attackfees filed by way of the 4 alleged victims.

On July 12, a video, titled 'PROYECTO Aid - At all times BY YOUR Aspect PARK YOOCHUN', was once uploaded on YouTube by an user namedPRINCE 유천 PER FC. The video description does now notinvolveto any extent further detail except for that it's far specified as a "PROJECT BY: PRINCE 유천 PERU FC."

The fan-dedicated video is a choice offootage and videos whichKorean and overseas fans have taken of themselves, each and everymaintaining a card, with the photo of Park Yoochun and the message 'Always By Your Side, Park Yoochun.' In step with the video, the fans come from more than a few countries, adding South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bolivia, Columbia, Myanmar, Mexico, Netherlands, and the Philippines.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, a ballot wasorganized byHellokpopto ask fans if they would still support Park Yoochun regardless of his sex scandal, which would possibly accept dealt a gigantic and fatal blow to his entertainment career. At time of writing, an overpowering of 1,628 responses (89%) suggest that K-pop fans would still support him. The poll will close on 24 July.

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