TWICE’s Dahyun Makes Kim Min Suk’s Middle Pound On “Flower Crew”

TWICE’s Dahyun Makes Kim Min Suk’s Middle Pound On “Flower Crew”

TWICEs Dahyun Makes Kim Min Suks Middle Pound On Flower Workforce JiwonYu July 16, 2016 0 TWICEs Dahyun Makes Kim Min Suks Heart Pound On Flower Crew At thecontemporary episode of Flower Crew on July 16, TWICEs Nayeon and Dahyun got here as visitors and had an ideal time with Kim Min Suk.

When theyre having dinner, Dahyun makes a wrap for Kim Min SukĀ and he asks, Is this for me? Really? and Dahyun adds, Its really big.

Kim Min Suk assures her, Oppa has a large mouth, and Dahyun feeds Kim Min Suk herself.

Watching the two, SEO Jang Hoon pokes a laugh at them, saying, Min Suk is like a soldier still so his heart will have to be pounding.

However, when Two times had beenĀ introduced originally of the show, Kim Min Suk asked, Is Jungyeon no longer here? making the 2contributors flustered.

Ahn Jung Hwan added, When we were showering yesterday, Kim Min Suk acknowledged that he loved TWICEs Jungyeon.

Watch Kim Min Suk and Dahyuns interplay here:

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