Beast is Secure with “Highlight”

Beast is Secure with “Highlight”

20160717_seoulbeats_beast_highlightanimal is Secure alongsideSpotlightWritten by ability ofBreak of day On July 18, 201620160715_seoulbeats_beast_highlight2Making a comeback a year since their ultimate release, Beast returned in the beginning of July with their 3rd studio album, Highlight. Between now and the liberatein theirold mini album, Ordinary, so much has replaced for the Cube Entertainment boyband, maximumparticularly the loss of member Jang Hyun-seung. Regrouping because the saga, nevertheless, Beast continues as a 5-member band, striving on into their 8th year together.

The album kicks off with a self-titled introductory tunethis is suitably upbeat. With lyrics about living in the instant and treasuring ones youth, Highlight effortlessly nestles itself behind its listeners minds with its beat drop and addictive instrumental riff in the chorus. It first starts with the strumming of a solo rhythm guitar, joined by the bass guitar and drums in the verse; yetthosebriefly hand way to a more electronic refrain mix, offeringa pleasant contrast to the verses. The repetition of the words hot and a laugh toosomewayorganize to computer virus their way into listeners subconscious in a ratherworrying but undeniably catchy way.

Following on from this first track, the remainder of Highlight focuses at the subject of romantic love. Be it unrequited love, break-ups, or just being glad in love, the remainder ten tracks of the album are all about romantic relationships. The primarypart of the album accommodatesmost commonly of lovelorn and a bit angsty tracks, with the albums identify track, Ribbon, marking the start.

I would like to necktie us up prettily again, our ribbon which has come undone

Pulling each and every other with complete strength, and tie up our love

Tie up a ribbon, so it is going to never untie

Tie up a ribbon, so we can bein a position to never let passof one another

20160717_seoulbeats_beast_junhyungAbout a courting that ended regardless of how deceivingly pleasedenthusiastscan havegave the impression on the surface, Ribbon used to be conceived by Jun-hyung when his hotel bathrobe had come undone one night in Japan, whilst on tour. Encouraged by how smoothly the knot had come undone, the song turned into borne. Musically, Ribbon usesa slightlysame oldcombine of synths and drums. It also follows the tried-and-tested series of verse, chorus, and rap, with Yo-seob helming the climax.

Within this first half of of the album, the 6th track, Curious, sticks out with its appealing lyrical standpoint and tuneful guitar lick. Even although the song circles round themoderately cliched theme of being not able to let go of a lover, the lyrics frame this concept in a touchother manner. In its place of the usage of the observe missing, the heartache and choice is expressed during theconcept of being curious. This diminishes the tendency for music to romanticize heartbreak, and instead, gifts this inability to let go of a relationship as a lifelesspaininstead ofan overpowering sense of loss which is commonplace in love songs. In this way, the track is made more realistic and relatable, hitting the nail on the top with its delivery.

I close my eyes and consider yous

Even if I recall about you all day long

Its now not enough, I would like you to be by my side, my infant

I stay on being fascinated with you back

20160715_seoulbeats_beastBut while it is ready to somewhat distinguish itself from the opposite songs, Curious, too, follows a an identical musical structure. Possibly also on account of the repetition of this familiar format and sound, Hyun-seungs absence also becomes glaringly obvious. Where in the past, Hyun-seungs phasegenerallygot here in in the verses and at the finish of choruses, his distinct, slightly nasal voice used to give Beasts songs a unique, added dimension. Now with his departure from the team, the familiar architecture and production sound of their songs serve to emphasize Hyun-seungs absence.

The 2d half of the album capabilities more constructive honey songs. Junhyungs solo, Discovered You and the duet, Little one Its You, by Gi-kwang and Doo-joon sing praises to their respective lovers as they wonder how the heck they were given and sofortunate in locating their soulmates. Yo-seobs and Dong-woons solos, on the other hand, are all about the shy, fluttering moments of an almost-couple frightened excitement, blushing, and stolen glances you call it, theyve got it.

Nervous glance, dried lips

Im imagining you over the telephone

You, who arent answering, what is going to you say?

In this momentphase of the album, however, while the solos and unit tracks give the individualsan opportunity to shine, none of the songs were actually outstanding. all 4 tracks were, unfortunately, rather commonplace, even if they were very delightful to concentrate to.

20160715_seoulbeats_beast_dongwoonNevertheless, of all of the solo and unit tracks, Dong-woons solo could be the most surprising. Jun-hyung and Yo-seob are not any strangers to solos, having released their own solo albums before, and Doo-joon and Gi-kwang have at all times been the 2 most prominent members of the band, having had several solo endeavours outdoor of music as well. Dong-woon, as the maknae, has continuously been somewhat on the quieter side, with markedly fewer solo activities than the rest. So this may also be areally nicemarvelto look him release a solo track and an attractivejust right one, too. I Provide you with My All, is a track that Dong-woon sings nearlyyour complete fashion in falsetto, and while Yo-seob has always been the singer of the group, it's milesgreat to see Dong-woon get his due spotlight. Hopefully, this may smartly bethe beginning of more of Dong-woons musical endeavours.

Finally, the album wraps up with an outro, Goodnight. A candy serenade, it'sthe very bestfinishing to the album as Beast tells their lovers to relaxation from the hardship of their days and get a fair nights sleep. With a slow jam beat and warm vocal timbres, Goodnight brings Highlight to a close.

Overall, I in my opinion feel that Highlight succeeded in presenting an album that's uniquely Beast, but failed to bring anything new to the table. As a group, the departure of Hyun-seung inevitably changed the sound of their music, and to a undeniable extent, the dynamism of the gangturns out to have lowered a little. As the 1st album that Beast produces as a 5-member group, Highlight also served to emphasisethe significance of and the original quality of everyand each member and in doing so, also highlighted the absence of Hyun-seung. Nevertheless, heres to Beasts good fortune equally a 5-member team, and hopefully, largerenlargement as musicians in their upcoming albums.

(Weekly Idol Ep. 257; pictures via: Dice Entertainment)